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Owned Media Preparation

  • Target audience definition and marketing message
Identify what makes your app different from the rest
Identify your app’s potential audience
Identify the most relevant channels that your audience is likely to use
  • Website creation and updates
In-App Images
Supporting Creative
Links to all Online Assets
  • SEO

SEO ranking and keywords

  • Social media
Social bookmarking
Social News Sites
  • Video creation

*Youtube Video* I wish i could stress how important this reallly is ,spend an extra dime on that video so that it shines through,its well worth  it!

  • In-app sharing features

How your app talks to other social platforms,most importantly at what points in the app is sharing beneficial and where does it add value to the user and the app?

  • In-app advertising

For a lucky few ,who have hustled their way to the big boys,this is a gold mine waiting to be reaped. Branding in app like naming a feature in a utility or having a level theme designed to promote a brand and many other ways.

For the other lesser mortals going the freemium way, choosing the right advertising network is vital.

  • In-app purchasing

What adds value to the user experience,what makes monetary sense ,all the other W’s