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A Format for App Review Submission

Mobile App Review

The Basics

Title ⇢

Developer ⇢

App Store Link⇢

Release Date ⇢

Platforms ⇢

Website ⇢

Price ⇢


Short Description

Here you can put a brief description of your game about a paragraph or two.

Expanded Narrative Description

Put your storytelling skills to the test, be as descriptive as you can. Bring the plot of your game in here let us know what you game story is all about. Try to make this two to three paragraphs long.


Describe how you came about to create your game.


Point form, describe your process of development from beginning to present.

Bio of Your Company

Give us a bio of your company, as well as other games you have produced etc.

Logos & Icons and Screenshots

Don’t be afraid to give them lots to work with.


Do you have some videos for your game, if so put them here.


Concept ⇢

Design ⇢

Programming ⇢

Art ⇢

Level Design ⇢

Theme Music ⇢

Sound Design ⇢


All inquiries ⇢

Website ⇢

Facebook ⇢

Twitter ⇢


Analytics (Starts from Day1, lasts forever)

  • Paid Campaigns monitoring
  • App monitoring
  • Social media monitoring

Launch preparation

  • App Store content optimisation and SEO
  • Cross Promotion : If possible do install exchanges or deals with other developers or promote your new app within your existing user base,more on that in a separate post.
  • Contests
  • Release timing intelligence: Picking a great time to launch
  • Paid media : Any ads or installs etc that you purchase
  • Search engine marketing
  • Presence in app news and Review websites
  • Press packages and blog packs