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Redefing the meaning of happiness and engagement at the workplace : Mr Alok Kumar

A quick search on Google with the name “Alok Kumar” will let you discover this gem of a blog on Happiness by Alok Kumar.

With various insights on how to tackle employee perceptions and boost engagement he is truly changing the landscape of employee practices in India.

“Promoting Happiness in your professional Life and personal life is key to achieving success” says Mr Alok Kumar.

You could signup for a monthly newsletter here: Alok Kumar Happiness Guru

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Influencer Relationship Management

In a world where anyone has the power to be a publisher today,few have had first movers advantage and succeeded in building credibility and an audience for themselves.

Brands today find conversing with these select few a more effective ploy Vs the typical one-to-many approach that most brands employ online.

Today these few have been labelled as “Influencers” . It is crucial today for the right content to be delivered to “Influencers” to maximize visibility,reach and credibility.

Do you know of brands in India applying a structured process to Influencer Engagement? or are they simply paying “Influencers” for 500 tweets to achieve statistical reach?


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